Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Everyone is in Sales!

Regardless of whether you are in sales as a profession; accounting; IT; etc. you are in sales. Are you aware of this? Of course, you probably aren't...until you discover that there is something you want.

Whether you are seeking a raise, a promotion, or (especially) a new job, you are thrust into a position of selling yourself and the value you bring to an organization. "Why should I give you a raise / the new responsibilities / a job?" they ask.

How do you answer? This age-old question is similar to the philosophy of how an effective resume is written, as told to me by Tom Espeland the former CIO of Viacom. Tom, who is a good friend of mine, once held a career seminar years ago for college youth and spent more than a few minutes describing the attributes of a good resume.

Of all of the things he said, the one thing that has stuck with me throughout the years is: state the impact you have had on an organization and you'll catch someone's eye. Don't just talk about your job responsibilities. Just as it is said that "faith without works is dead," you shouldn't expect anyone to take your works on faith. If you can't tell them, preferably in dollars and cents, what you've done to make an organization better then you probably need to rethink your approach before you ask for that meeting or interview.

So stop thinking about your responsibilities that await you tomorrow when you go into the office. Think instead of the impact you're having on the people and the organization around you.

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