Thursday, November 4, 2010


I try to avoid religious diatribes. I recognize that religion is an intensely personal matter, and I can remember when people would canvas door-to-door, interrupting my family during dinnertime growing up.

I also try to avoid political discussions. In my opinion, people either take a "half interested" view of politics or are rabid fanatics of everything that goes on in Washington D.C., their states, and their locales. Politically induced rabies tends to induce blindness and a general lack of common sense in people too, which is the reason why I avoid it. (I'll leave my general loathing of politicians and the tendency of them in general to put personal interests above the good of the people; lobbying ['nuff said]; and related topics out of this discussion.)

Still, Tuesday saw the biggest swing in Congress since the 40's so it is my civic duty to comment: I'm glad it's over.

I realize that the Republicans felt the need to recapture Congress given the trouncing they experienced 2 years ago. And since they were neutered and unable to advance the agenda that they felt would best serve their constituents, this does have some degree of importance. And so I get the attack advertisements and general mudslinging since, in the modern day where Snooki's Trash Talking is considered "exciting TV," this is the only way to get people's attention.

Disclaimer: I'm not Republican or Democrat. When I registered to vote, I listed myself as "Conservative," which I suppose makes me closer to being a Republican than a Democrat but I am technically neither. I believe strongly in showing compassion to one's neighbor ("Love thy neighbor as thyself.") but also have a strong sense of fiscal self-responsibility that I firmly believe should apply to government as a whole.

Having stated my personal position and my understanding of the Republican Party's need to reclaim the majority, I will say that their behavior collectively over the past few years is despicable. It is one thing to wait for the other side to make mistakes that you can capitalize on during the next election cycle. But it is another thing entirely to sit back, criticize, aggressively block any Democratic action on the grounds that the Democrats are for it "so therefore we must be against it," and generally act like a 1st grader in the sandbox who is pissed at the schoolkid next to you because they started playing with the Tonka dumptruck that you were eyeing.

So I'm glad this is over. The country has suffered from Wall St. for sure, and I haven't been shy in lambasting the pigs in the Financial Services district (and that includes the shady mortgage dealers too) for bringing this country to the brink of ruin, but I expect better from a Congressional body that is supposedly elected "by the people and for the people."

Here's to the next 2 years, which will hopefully be better because Congress is able to focus on what they should be doing: representing the American People.

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